[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Life itself is a challenge

in life, we face challenges everyday. we always need to solve problems to succeed in whatever we want. we always need to strive hard to reach our dreams. we always need to struggle, to face obstacles, to pass the tests, and to be strong ’cause life is always challenging ang daring. and i’ll ask you… have you ever faced the biggest and hardest challenge in your life? if your answer is ‘no’, be not afraid.. you can! ’cause you’re already facing it. if you answered ‘yes’, think again. confused? what am i talking about as the biggest and hardest challenge?… LIFE…

life, in its simplest meaning, is a very long process of getting tired, as a saying goes. see? life is always testing you, your abilities, your capabilities, and your potentials. it’s always measuring your talents, your skills, your personality, your character. it’s always examining your patience, the goodness in you, and everything in you. it’s always tiring you up, waiting for the time when you’ll give up!

life, on the other hand, is your only hope. i know you know what i mean. without life, you won’t exist! and life lets you see its wonders and beauty. it gives you your friends, relatives, and everything you have now.., it makes you to be you. it drives you towards your goals and dreams. life is the most beautiful gift you’ll ever have.

now, i think that’s why life bacame the biggest and hardest challenge. it’s one thing but with two natures: the challenger ang the friend. it’s opposing itself. life versus life. it tests you but it also gives you hope. life is the opposite of life itself!

oh, now…it’s puzzling!! i’m also confused about what i’m saying! i can’t explain it any further… gosh!

just one last thing…

life is what you make it. it will give you good harvests if you work hard. now, it’s up to you… life can be your ally but it can also be your enemy. either of the two, it will still give you challenges. choose what will you make your life. hope you can get what i want to express..

it’s hard.. life is really mysterious…enigmatic.


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