[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

magic pillows..

do you believe that an ordinary pillow lying on your bed has extraordinary powers?.. well, i do!! i’ve just proven it.. wanna read my story? (like you care about my story anyway.) but maybe, you’ll have plenty of time in reading this..

one night, i had a really big problem.. and i didn’t know how to solve it. maybe i thought of solutions but my mind was just wandering around.. it couldn’t work properly so i just wanted to give up. i wanted to sleep but i couldn’t.. i was frightened and i thought i got an insomnia.. haha! lol.. i had a headache, and a toothache, my eyes were burning, and then my whole body ached!! “i couldn’t believe this was happening,” i said. then, i saw that my pillows are gone! my soft and lovely pillows… where did they go? i went to my mother’s room.. not in there. and i when i went to my father’s room, my pillows were there! oh, and i felt the “yes-finally-i-found-what-i’ve-been-looking-for” feeling. it’s like i found a long-lost friend, or a sister gone for a long time. maybe after that, i realized that i really need a pillow to live. haha! as i lied on my bed, i felt peace.. i started thanking my pillows ’cause i know they were comforting me. the feeling was just so soothing, relaxing, and taking the stress out of me. (never tell me that i’m overacting, ok?) then i fell into a good sleep. when i woke up the other morning, the pains were gone. i thought of my really big problem and found a solution right ahead.. i realized that it was not a really big problem after all!

not only that.. my pillows help me in many ways! they become my companions in times of trouble. i can bury my face on them when i cry. i can hug them when i’m scared and when i feel all alone. i can say my problems and secrets to them and make sure that they won’t tell my secrets to anybody. i play with them. they put me to sleep. and when a long day is over, i just want to be with them. it’s how they work! magical and fantastic..

i just want you to know the significance of pillows in your life. maybe, you just ignore them after you wake up. you just leave them there, never thanking them for a wonderful goodnight sleep! but then, they’re just there, waiting for you, never getting tired to serve you, willing to listen..


3 responses

  1. aNg gAndA nMan nG stoRy moH??!!!..,..,22o nMan tLga uN eh!!!!pillow ung nagco2mpoRt stEn when it sEEms 2 be no wAy,,pRa riN cLang tAo!!.,.prang oRdinArY fRienD!!.,.,hEHE!!

    January 13, 2007 at 5:20 AM

  2. Aa

    bonjing mo naman….. jowk……. kilala mo ba c vergel… pls. answer me na lang .. ah….

    January 23, 2007 at 2:46 AM

  3. CooL and FrAnk! I can’t sleep without my hotdog pillow too- I have it since I was three!

    March 19, 2007 at 11:40 PM

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