[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

how to move on?!!

whenever i see couples walking down the street
can’t help myself but curse at my seat
i always say it’s your fault by the way
then i start to blame you and it goes on all day

whenever i hear our favorite song on the radio
or see someone strum the guitar or play the piano
outrage is shaking myself inside
from all the pains, i know i cannot hide

whenever i feel raindrops falling down my face
i begin to cry, just stand there in place
many times, i mourn, and sob, then sigh
can’t forget you, no matter how hard i try

’cause it always seems that everything i see
reminds me of you, i cannot flee
and brings me back just another step closer
to this relationship that i wanted to be over

>>> this poem is for my friend who is suffering from a heartbreak just recently… i know it’s hard for you. but time heals every wound.. you’ll see, it won’t even leave a mark… cheer up gal… ^^

>>> for those affected by this poem, move on!!! if you don’t know how, ask me… LOLZ!


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