[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

tears of joy

n0 0ne has ever held my hand like he did…

His hand was warm and tender
that i wished he would h0ld me forever..
It had a magical t0uch that i would never forget
and n0 0ne will ever have that hand,i bet…

His hand made me secure as he held me tight
and carefree ’cause it was s0 light..
it made me experience things bey0nd my imaginati0n
and made me feel things bey0nd typical em0ti0ns..

His hand s0othed me like an angel
and gently swung me in his cradle…
it was s0 sweet like his whispers-
“you’re the 0nly 0ne that matters.”

n0 0ne has ever held my hand like he did…

But,that was bef0re..
Bef0re he shut d d0or..
And when he held me,his hand was warm n0 m0re…

His hand was c0Ld and sweaty
then said, “i love her,i’m s0rry”
his tears fell d0wn with glee
when i said that i would set him free..

His hand gripped me s0 tight
but it remained c0Ld like the night..
wet like the falling rain
r0ugh like a rusty chain…

And the rainy night started to wash my happiness away
his tears 0f j0y wiped 0ut my cheerful day..
as i w0ke up leaving my very g0od dream,i knew
i must face the nightmare, the reality, and g0 through..

n0 0ne has ever held my hand like he did…

His hand that sent shivers d0wn my spine…
His hand that t0Ld me everything would be fine…
His hand that embraced me when i was afraid..
His hand that did everything so that my smile wouldn’t fade…
I will miss his hand…
And i will surely miss him…
C0z he will never ever h0Ld my hand again…

1st draft…

<just hallucinating>
<no deeper meaning for me>
<something out of nothing>


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