[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

one day it will be over

so, wazzup with u guys?
wazzup with this line?
wazzup with the rain?
wazzup with me?

uhh, they’re just some of the lines i’ve said zillion times this day…. i might have looked happy and cheerful… but i really felt a lot of “garbage” emotions inside me. i was not the real me… it was just a disguise, a bluff, a masquerade to show them that i can handle everything.

but i know… i know i was hurt… and i’m still hurt…

it’s good you’re all fooled by my smiles and laughters…

and i’m gonna put a brave front till it’s over… till i learn how to pass along the corridors without thinking if you’re watching my steps… till i manage to look straight into your eyes without secretly embarrassing myself inside… and till i finally wake up one morning and say, “hey you… you’re just a part of my past… you just belong there… and you’ll forever be there and nowhere else in my life..”

but as for now… well, you still have a big part in my heart… still…


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