[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

a prophecy

hundred tears i cried when u decided to leave
hundred smiles i faked when i lost my senses
hidden madness i felt when u refused my wishes
hollow heart secretly wanting to deceive
hints of love and hurt that my soul possesses…

uhh, anuh nga bang nangyari knina?…

ayunn, feeling qoh kxama aqohh sa marathon habang tinatakbo qohh ang kahabaan ng corridor up to my room.it was really exhausting considering the fact n nxa kadulu-duluhan pah yung room nmin and 120 kph ang takbo qohh.. nung nkabalik nqohh xka qohh lang npancin n untied yung shoelaces qohh… buti nlang ndi aqoh nadapa.. kundi, malaking eskandalo.. hehe! ^^ well, the speed was just an exaggeration, okee?..

i was a bit hurt when it seemed that he was not affected at all… wla man lang hi or hello… wla man lang smiles, or winks, or tosses.. wala.. i was a little disappointed with his reactions and gestures towards me.. but i should at least be happy bcoz he’s pretty okay.. as in.. or is he having his masquerade too?.. i dunno.. i hope not.. ^^ well, the “bit hurt” and the “little disappointed” were understatements, okee?..

humm… i was really proud to tell that i’m one of those four students who wrote the class prophecy. and there’s an additional sense of achievement cuz we managed to finish the whole story in just an hour and a half.. imagine 135 students and the whole world to travel.. haha! “i deserve a plaque of appreciation for this,” i said to shea while we were enjoying our victory.. we won! we defeated her! [so, kmi lang ni shea ang nagkakaintindihan.]

but before i party, i was reminded of the whole bunch of problems i’ve left as we work on the prophecy. now, i should really get going and face them.. helluva! sangtambak kea ang problems qohh… minus the lovelife.. haha! so, it’s a million less one.. humm… nine hundred thousand nine hundred ninety nine nlang.. ^^ ..uhh, bkit ndi qoh n problem ang lovelife? xe wla n qong mggwa dunn. so, if a problem seems to have no solution at all, it’s not a problem anymore but a fact.. and there’s nothing i can do with a fact but accept it as it is… right?…

so, going back to the prophecy.. napagkwentuhan nmin yann ni sanse. she asked me, “anung prophecy sayo?” “psychologist nah… tas intern as a psychiatrist..” i answered. tpoz sabi nia, “dapat aqoh gumawa ng prophecy sayo…” i waited excitedly with what she would tell me… anuh nga keang prophecy xaken ni sanse?

“nainlab kah sa isang pasyente… tas nainlab din sya sayo…
tas nung gumaling, nawala yung inlab…”

ahaha! ganun? c sanse talagah! akalain muh? nagkainlaban kmi ng isang baliw… tas nung gumaling n yung baliw, ndi n xa inlab xaken? hehe.. muztah aman yun? well, close to reality nman ehh! LOL! kidding aside, na-curious tuloy aqoh sa movie n “the snake pit” xe danun daw yung story nun wehh…

ayunn… so much for the story-telling… hehe!
i better continue my work..



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