[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Just a Deep and Heartbreaking Sigh


another day had passed and there’s nothing new added to my vocabulary.
i paused to remember what happened throughout the day,
and there’s just one thing i realized…
“BORING” is the most appropriate word to describe my day..
and to add some embellishments, there are the words tiring and somber..

of course, i have to remember the “disaster talks” which only made my day more disastrous…
what the hell do we have to know about disasters? of course we have to save our lives when those incidents come…but aside from that, nahhh! just think if we would still be able to follow their damn teachings and instructions in the middle of panic and chaos… ><

then, how can i forget that moment? when somewhere inside me, as we were walking along the corridor, i felt that blush on my cheeks again… nahh, cnu nga ba nmang mkaka-relate? i mean, i still felt the same. na kapag nagdadaan kmi s tpat ng room nila, i badly wanted to peek in..but i do have my pride against that. until my friend said, “Uyy, nakatingin xa sayo.” i never really wanted to believe… i didn’t know if it was true… but a part of me was still hoping he still cares… even just a little.. i dunno.. chasing rainbows again, ain’t i?!


why do i always start my blog about something sensible and cute…. then i’ll end up with this dumb topic?!!!i’m annoyed with my self…. jeeezzz!!!


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