[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]


..my mind was oblivious to my surroundings. looking blankly at the ceiling, i tried so hard to put your memories away. but as i listened to the radio, the songs always connected me to you. i wanted to forget you. i wanted to escape this nightmare that used to be a good dream. i wanted to move on. yet, everything keeps haunting me..

..but when i started to walk away, those good moments kept pulling me behind. i’m already addicted to you.. (nyeehh!) but addiciton is not my thing. much as i wanted to embrace you, i need to stop myself from drowning into your love..

..and life’s so ironic that i should learn to live without the one who gives me the reason for living. i have to accept that we’re not meant for each other. and i have to…. anuh nga? …i have to… hwahh!

..tsk3! di quh talagah kayang magsenti.. haha! ..nuh ba yang kadramahan na yan?!! walang kwenta! walang sense! tsk3! haha..

..basta, malungkot aquh.. pero ayokong magdrama.. LOL..

..coz i know, in the end.. magiging mazaya den aquh.. in the end, pagtatawanan quh lang ang lahat ng pag-eemote quh.. eh ayoko namang pagtawanan sarili quh kea eyun..


..anyway, medyo mazaya aman aquh xe nagcecelebrate aquh d2..

..ng pagkapanalo ni DC! wahu!

..yet maybe, it’s not yet time for me to smile that real smile again. perhaps, it will still take me a very long time before i can listen to our song without welling tears..

..like this moment, as i write this piece of sweet-nothings, while listening to our love song..

(drama talagah!)


One response

  1. ur just an innocent warrior who hides from a war, but then a war never really exist, ur just there, trapped eventhough the way is wide open ^^,) hahaha.. wala lang magawa…

    June 20, 2008 at 8:13 AM

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