[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..picture perfect..

..it was perfect..
..a stolen shot from afar. he was smiling. eyes glinting.
..then he saw me. i turned to leave. but my feet were rooted on the soft ground.
..no other escape. no alibis. nothing.
..he was walking towards me.
..but then, just like a savior, waking me up from a trance, my friend called.
..and he stopped inches away from me.
..i finally walked away. thanking my friend. but cursing myself.
..he was so close. it should have been perfect.
..but i dumped the thought.

..he was saying something i couldn’t understand. i kept walking. he was shouting.
..his voice getting more inaudible in every step.
..i reached the bench. slumped there. ended the call.
..that’s when i realized, i’ve been so stupid not to notice it before.
..i dropped my camera.
..it was now at the hands of the guy with that picture perfect smile.


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