[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..the real essence of happiness..

..what do you think will make you happy? that’s the ultimate question.. and well, there’s no ultimate answer to that..

..i just remembered the essay exam my philo teacher gave us. it’s about the real essence of happiness. and what is happiness, really? i can’t answer that directly. i think nobody could.

..happiness is NOT pleasure or satisfaction. it’s more than those things. it’s not the feeling when one gets something he desires. it’s not the feeling of winning the lottery or having sex. it’s not what i thought it is. and the same goes with all of you. happiness is not a worldly occurrence. it’s not seen by the naked eyes.

..seeing the reality will make one happy, but not fully. and what reality does he need to see? Violence, poverty, war, immorality, evil — these are the things lurking around us. lots of questions need to be answered. we are never contented. how can we be happy? this is the reality. simply, one should understand the reality that he can never be fully happy. and once he accepted it and go on with his life — the good acts and right way of living — it will add up to his happiness. ironic, isn’t it?

..but he needs to understand. although he can’t comprehend it all. he should be aiming for the good end. heaven. with god. this is where he can be truly happy. well, nobody knows about the real face of heaven. but we know and believe that here is where genuine happiness is. that’s why happiness encompasses everything — achievement, love, contentment, and success. that’s why we live to attain the good end.

..that’s what life is all about. knowing one’s purpose. being free thinking good men. remember the phrase, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” now what can make you happy? nothing, really. death, maybe. but every good thing you do will be a bearing to the ultimate happiness you want to attain.

..the real essence of happiness is deep within our hearts, inscribed in our minds, and made visible through our actions.


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