[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

wordplay :)

..uhh, i may be looking hysterical when i say this..

..but hey!!! i want a laptop!!! (with lots of exclamation points)
..whatever. i just badly want one.

..maybe it’s part envy and part desperation. do i have to exaggerate on this? you basically know what i mean. well, i just want something to talk about. and laptop is the first thing that came in my badly-maintained mind.

..again, i want a laptop. or maybe a laugh top. something that makes me tumble over because of laughter. because now, all i know is i have a laugh tough. i can’t laugh. no no no. i’m worrying about my acads. oh, do i make myself grade-conscious? are all grade-conscious people having a laugh tough? well, i want to make myself clear. i’m not grade-conscious. i’m just having a laugh tough because of tough nap. you know, when i worry about my acads, i can hardly sleep. and then, OH! a tough nap would eventually turn to a laugh cough. maybe it’s because of the bad weather. it’s not just a bad weather, really, but a crazy weather. it keeps changing and changing! imagine myself worrying about about my grades, (how am i gonna get a grade higher than 3 in Math 17?), and having a tough nap that results to a laugh cough. i’m pathetic. maybe i’m better if i can half laugh. or much better if i can laugh pop. if you guys don’t know, laugh pop is something you do when you pop (or fart) of too much laughing. yeah, maybe a laugh fart! or whatever!

..maybe i want a laptop because i want a potpal (which i got when i flipped laptop). now, what the hell is a potpal? perhaps, and it’s a great hypothesis, a potpal is someone i can befreind if i’m fond of pots. well, i won’t find any potpal whether there’s a laptop or not. it’s hard to find a potpal, you know. maybe, a petpal will do. or a penpal (but that’s too out-of-date!). same with phone pal. maybe it’s best if i could find a laptop pal.

..all i want is a laptop. i want to have a laugh talk, too. or a lollipop. or something like a lamb chop, or simply a flat top (the chocolate). i dunno. now i know, i want so many things… (sighs!)

..maybe a laptop can bring me a laugh pop. or a laugh fart. maybe a laptop can ease my laugh tough. maybe…

..but now, i’m having all these. is it because i don’t have a laptop to laugh at? or am i just being a big top laugh? (like the clowns and other fools). or maybe i’m cracking my head. i’m having a laptop crap. a laklak (that’s when you drink beer in Filipino). a crack top.




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