[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Math 17

..drift…drift…drift…said the water from the faucet. HUH?! no, not that. of course that’s stupid.

..okay, try again.

..drift…drift…drift…said my aching mind wanting to get free from the four boring walls of our classroom (with two creaking and slamming doors). my mind said, “hey, mister! would you mind if i take a break for a while? uhh, not for a while, though. maybe for the whole period.” then, mister’s mind said, “sure, i don’t mind. actually, i couldn’t mind. i’m still telling mister’s mouth to blab and blab. i can’t afford multitasking, you know.”

..drift…drift…drift…my mind was now far away from our so-called real world. the ironic thing is that the real world of math 17 is full of imaginary numbers. imagine that! anyway, i was still sitting, eyes focused on nothing in particular, mind drifting. hell, this is hell, i said.

..drift…drift…drift…said my mind again. you know how my mind becomes happy whenever it gets blown away. or hacked by a strange person who trespasses inside. or just there, muted and empty. whenever my mind drifts away, past the ceilings and cables, past the clouds and space and nothingness, i enter a deep meditation. i dunno. maybe my mind ceases to work, too. maybe, sometimes.

..drift…drift…drift…said my mind before it was disturbed in its peaceful oblivion. and when it gets disturbed, it breaks down into rubbles of confusion. until mister let go of it and let my mind drift away again.


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