[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..on the verge of flunking..

..i have to admit..
..i HATE math..
..no, i despise it..
..well, much as i curse it, i have to love math with all my heart and brain.. gosh!

..i’m on the edge of the failing mark, u know.. and i’m not really proud of it, like what u are thinking bcoz i’m telling it on my blog.. but really, the “singko” is really on my trails —- like a determined FBI agent who is obsessed with nailing a fugitive..

..and i’m also determined to pass.. like “tres, here i come!” ..of course i’m not satisfied with just that.. but i’m gonna be really thankful if i get it as my final grade.. ^^

..now i’m being a mediocre.. i hate it!!!



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