[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..aww, shucks!

..now that i remember, wewento ko na sa inyo toh..

..last summer, i had this textmate na nakilala ko through chat. and well, napagkamalan n’ya akong TOMBOY. i was really fascinated kasi s’ya lang yung nakapagsabi nun saken ever. and it was a very unusual reaction, sabi ng friends ko. i should’ve been mad daw kasi. but it was the opposite..

..aww, i dunno. i’m a little boyish, yeah. but tomboy? that’s out of the question! haha. ang wild ko daw saka lakas mambara. wehh?

..now, who has the makings of a princess, huh? look at yourself, angelica. tomboy ka ba?

..aww, shucks!

..no way!!!


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