[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

sundays i’m in love

..tomorrow’s Sunday, i’m in love!

..just like a birthday girl waiting for her four-layered cake to come, i’m so excited for tomorrow. just can’t wait. can’t stop thinking about it. just a step short from drooling.

..i will wake up early in the morning with the sun shining on my window or with the rain pouring down the roof. i will make a coffee though i won’t drink it. oh, just for the hell of it! then i will take a bath and use my special soap and shampoo (the ones i use everyday), and i will wear my Sunday’s best. on my way to the church, i will say how lovely this day is although it just started. i will greet the person sitting next to me. he will look surprised but then will smile at me and return my pleasant greeting. or maybe it is a she. when the mass is over, i will stop at burger king and buy the obvious. i will spend half an hour choosing the kind of burger i want. the cashier will be a little annoyed but i will flash my, well, flashy smile and the cashier will forget his annoyance. after i bought three burgers, one for me and two for all those at home, i will take a jeep and ride on the front. i will chat with the driver about oil prices and  he will tell me how hard life has become. then at home, i will open my computer and check my mail. surprisingly, i will see that my crush left an offline message for me. by then, my phone will ring and i will speak to my classmate about homework and stuff. i will return to my mail and seeing that i have no more unread messages, i will look for a book to read. before lunch, i will take a nap and dream of a hot air balloon. i will wake up at the aroma of sinigang, our lunch. or maybe it’s adobo or fish fillet. at one o’clock, i will leave for UP. i will take my clothes to my dorm.

..i don’t really know what will happen to me tomorrow. i don’t know what lies ahead. maybe it will rain, maybe it will be brutally hot. maybe i’ll wake up late. or i won’t sleep at all. but one thing’s for sure. tomorrow, at three in the afternoon, i will meet Ray. and that’s the only thing i’m sure of. and i don’t want to be sure of anything else than that.

..too bad i can only see him on Sundays. too bad i’m in love. too good it’s with him. too good to be true.

..and Sundays i’m in love.



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