[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]


..i stil can’t brush away last monday’s feeling of nostalgia. like eating a cotton candy in the park. or licking a giant lollipop right after it was bought in the candy store. i can’t really forget the feeling of being high, with adrenalin rushing through my veins wih excitement. of blood jumping up and down my heart. and my heart beating faster and faster like having an attack but maintaining my consciousness. i can’t really explain.

..i know it was because of him. it was like those glances i stole. like those smiles i captured. like him beside me, although he was sleepin’. his voice. his face. he was like an obsession, but not really. it was just infatuation, yes. but more than that, i guess.

..it was like playing “bluff”. like laying my cards face down for him to guess about it. it was like the anticipation. like forever. of waiting and waiting. but i was glad. we played the truth. we got together so easily.

..and i thought he was glad, too. glad for my company. for our conversations, however mundane the talks we had. i thought he liked me being with him.

..but i thought wrong. and again, i was wrong in thinking that there’s some faint light in our friendship. he became someone important to me. and now, it was too late.

..too late for him to say, “Yeah, i was just Bluffing!”


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