[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..of love and hurt..

..it was saturday afternoon when it all happened..

..it was called love.. or stupidity.. well, they’re synonymous for me..

..the first started with a text message. we talked about little things that led to love life. oh, what a topic. love life. and we fooled each other. we told sweet words. we talked sweet talks. it was not a long conversation. he just became mine. i just became his. and it was all that.

..the second started with a text message too. he was broken. i conforted him. perhaps you know the usual story. maybe it was my fault? nakialam na naman ako..

..dati ko pa talaga crush si “mine”.. pero hanggang dun nalang siguro yun. it’s fun to flirt with him. cute kasi n’ya ee.. haha..

..and about the second one, i don’t know what to think and feel about him. goodness! i really don’t know.. i was just helping out. nothing more. i never meant to do that to him. now he’s hoping. i don’t want him to hope.



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