[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

humpty dumpty was broken again..

it was the fourth time humpty dumpty fell over that wall. contrary to common belief, neither the king’s horses nor the king’s men made the effort to put him in his place again. he was just hopeless. he was pathetic.

humpty dumpty was not literally broken. it was not what you used to imagine. not with yolk and white oozing from his shell. god, he was not even a real egg! he just looks like an egg. maybe that nursery rhyme sucks. or rather, maybe the drawings in those nursery books suck!

humpty dumpty was broken, at least not literally. now you know he was broken figuratively. he was like wasted. he used to be in love. he used to sit in that wall and watch the princess dance on the field, or dream of the princess dancing on the field, or imagine the princess dancing on the field with him.

but now, he fell over. and reality struck him as he crashed on the hard earth. he couldn’t be with the princess, not with his egglike appearance. he would just sit there on the wall and wait for the princess, get in love with her, and break himself in the process.

as i’ve said, it was the fourth time. he was really really pathetic. such a loser.

he will keep doing it over and over again. until he become a real egg.


para lang sa friend kong mukhang itlog na nagpapakamartir para sa isang taong ayaw ng itlog. wag mo sanang hayaan ang sarili mong magmukhang itlog para sakanya. hayaan mo nalang na magmukha kang itlog para sa isang taong hahayaan rin ang sarili n’yang magmukhang itlog para sa’yo.



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