[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

cleaning mode last night…

it was such a tiring evening, with lots of knee bruises and whole bodyache.. haha! anyway, my roommate and i cleaned our room. i never did clean my own room in my own house and i was surprised at how enjoyable cleaning could be.. (yuck!) yeah, it wasn’t enjoyable at the very least.. :((

four in the afternoon, we decided to go to SM megamall. we almost, almost got a violation again. it was five minutes before the curfew when we arrived. haha!

we dusted everything dusty, waxed the floor, ad got super dirty. i know my roommate also did not have a good night sleep. we were both sticky! haha!

this morning was the consequence of last night. cramming. haven’t finished my take home final exam in math. just passed it on time, which was also a bit late. mediocre again! arrggh!

anyway, i got home today. tired. tired. tired.

but still have to review for the exams. fuck!

carry on, angel.. just carry on..


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