[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

couldn’t believe i was this pathetic before..

..i was browsing through my friendster messages and i kinda got intrigued by this one.. don’t make the wrong judgment guys.. i’m not this kind of girl anymore.. or am i?!! well, just a piece of something to laugh about!!!

you’re free to go now… i will not follow you anymore. i won’t hold you any longer. i will go away from you, if that’s what we both need. coz now, i realized that i’m hurting myself as much as loving you. i kept you locked inside my heart for a long time now. and it’s beginning to swell with so much hurt and sadness and longing. if i don’t let you go as soon as possible, i’m afraid it will be more difficult for me to cope with the fact that you can’t be mine.
once again, you’re free to go now… i will not follow you anymore. it’s time for us to go our separate ways. i have to find my way where you can’t see me crying and hoping and hating myself for loving you. i don’t have to take a second look. i don’t have to glimpse at you again. i just have to go away and leave the memories behind. then, i’ll bring nothing– not your smile, not your touch, not even your silhouette. and i’ll walk straight towards nothingness and learn to accept that this is the end.
for the last time, you’re free to go now… i will not follow you anymore. soon, i’ll find the place where i rightfully belong. and i hope you’ll find yours too.
just the poetic way of saying goodbye..
all this time, i was still holding on to that one last thread of hope that you still love me.. peo wla nang pag-asa db?
ndi n kita iiyakan..coz you’re not worth my tears..
i won’t forget you.. cuz you’ve been a great part of my life.. i’ll just say goodbye to the person i once loved.. but not tho the person i became friends with..
bye, mr. shades qoh..
bye na talagah..
totoo n toh..
babay nah,,
..so, what do you think, huh? did i pass the “drama queen” title? aww.. hahaha!!!

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