[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

we’re in love, until now

i remember every word
as if it’s just yesterday
when we talk about love
and everything about us
we’re in love

i remember every smile
when thoughts of you passed me by
and when i read all your poems
i can’t help but get in love
until now

you make me cry, you make me smile
you make me pray and touch the sky
you make me feel feelings i can’t explain
we thought it’s over but it’s not
you sent a message and i got
to understand what you feel inside
you still belong to me
and i want you to know
i’m yours
we’re in love, until now

i miss the way you say my name
when you call me on the phone
the zillions of hugs i used to get
when you tell me i’m not alone
i’m with you

(repeat chorus)

this is a very special song for my very special someone.. i personally composed it just this day.. ^^ i’m so happy.. that’s all i can say.. and oh, i’m in love.. still..


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