[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

i who fought him, him who is not human


my first survival instinct , FIGHT BACK. don’t ever show your fears and pains. if you’re called a FLIRT, don’t flinch. letting him know that you’re hurt will give him your first mark-LOSER. if you’re called a BITCH, go along then, be a real bitch. you have the advantage now. make him cringe and cry. bear in mind that you’re strong. that you will not let yourself be hurt by a total jerk. that you will manage to beat him. when he tells you to go to hell, tell him to be there first. ’cause he is the total loser. he’s the one meant to be punished. he’s the one who degraded you. he is just bitter.

i mean, i was super infuriated by what he said last night. he’s not my boyfriend anyway. he’s not even a friend. he’s just a… oh, wth? he’s not part of my blissful life. he’s just an EPAL. i don’t even know his name. and he would tell me, “Hi, flirt girl, how are you? chatting with your boys again?” and what does he care, for God’s sake? who is he to tell me that? and when i defended myself, he said, “Go on then. I maybe interrupting what you’re doing. Go on and flirt with them. You’re made for that anyway.”

i got tired of defending myself. it’s so nonsense anyway. i got tired of looking at those accusations stuck in my screen, forever glued to my memory, and cutting deep with each word. it should’ve not hurt me like that. but aarrgghh! someone not important told me i’m a flirt and i’m a bitch? i couldn’t really let that pass, right?

yeah, maybe i was being low-level. maybe i should really JUST let that pass. but pride said NO. A BIG FAT NO. and then, the battle began. it was a winning battle anyway. he’s no match for me. i know that. one who acts like that is already a loser, even before we start.

he doesn’t know what real love is. that’s all we had been fighting about. and he needed to get it right. or he would suffer. well, he’s already suffering anyway. i just wanted to make him understand. but it was so ironic that it was me who should understand. that no matter what i say, he wouldn’t understand. he’d just stop from annoying me. he just wouldn’t talk to me. he’d just stop calling me a flirt and a bitch. and he’d just stop wishing i’d go to hell. but his perspective about love, that won’t change. pity!

but maybe i gave him a big slap. that’s why he stopped.


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