[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..high school..

..let’s start with yesterday..

..yesterday, bumalik ako sa alma mater ko. ICCDC. nothing much has changed. but it seemed different after all. actually, hindi ko nga namiss ang school eh. yung mga classmates at ibang teachers lang yung namiss ko. sad, but true.

..and, and.. i saw my ex. LOL. yun lang. wala nang feelings eh. it’s all over. kasi sabi nila, hindi naman DAW nawawala yung feelings, nababawasan lang. well, it’s not true. haha! at least, samin nung ex ko. ^^

..i saw people and places that brought back memories. and i realized that they’re all JUST memories. only part of the past. and i dunno if i’m super detached already, but i felt that everything has no part in my life anymore. i mean, i have a different path now. and that’s it.

..and TODAY..

..we, the Charity 07-08, had a reunion at Tina’s house. it’s so fab. haha! lol.. i just love the word fab, is all. ^^ super happy. andaming kwento. kulitan to the max parin. hahaha! in those moments, it’s like i have no care in the world. yeah, i really really MISSED my classmates and Sir Benj. i can’t explain the feeling. i can’t tell everything that happened. maybe it would just get stuck in my memory. the fried chicken and tilapia, the puto, the fruit salad, the chips and crackers. i wouldn’t forget this day, i know. kahit hindi kami kumpleto, masaya parin. ^^

..and i’ll be forever thankful sa tatay ko dahil pinayagan nya akong sumama sa reunion. hehehe!


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