[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..it’s been a while..

..it’s been a while since my last moment of solitude.. ala lang, namiss ko lang gumawa ng poem.. i saw kuya kieven’s blog kasi. and he posted some poems there. ayun, nainggit naman ako kasi hindi ko na nagagalaw yung compilation of poems and sweet nothings ko. haha!

..and it’s been a while too since i last held my guitar. even before i manicured my nails, hindi ko na s’ya napapatugtog. miss ko na rin yung gitara ko.. hmm.. i missed singin’ my own songs. i missed jamming with my friends every friday night. i missed doing what i used to do with my guitar. and i just realized that i’d be so incomplete without it.

..just the same, it’s been a while since i pondered over these mundane things. i haven’t had time for myself lately. (really?) or i have so much time for myself lately that i’ve been too preoccupied with the not so important things.

..like bitching about my day..

..like complaining about schoolworks..

..like hanging out with my friends..

..like watching movies..

(..OMG! i’m gonna watch twilight later.. it’s been a while since i last saw the movies.. like since Monday.. hahaha! ^^)


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