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..i’m the most renowned twilight movie hater.. walang epal. walang kontra. walang galit. okaii?

..actually, i liked it naman. yun nga lang, em not that satisfied. and honestly, nanghihinayang ako sa money na binayad ko for the movie. haha!

..konti lang naman ang ayaw ko sa twilight movie eh.

..yung actor, si pattinson. he’s not vampire-like. he’s more zombie-like.

..yung scenes, andaming cheesy lines.

..yung plot, not well-developed. yung parang they were so cold with each other at first and then biglang nagka-inluv-an. how’s that?

..yung ending, not pronounced. i know it’s a saga, but i’m expecting something more concrete.

..and the biggest thing is that everyone made a big fuss about it. so i’m kinda expecting something big too. but it turned out like that… bummer..

..sa twilight fans, don’t hate me. i’m just gonna stick with the book nalang. i still wanna read it though. :))

..peace out!


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