[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..maybe i’ll get used to it..

woke up at the voice from outside. shouting and yelling. it was THEM.

i thought i’ve heard it before. i sat on my bed, crossed-legged, brows were crossed too. and i remembered it. it was one of the topics opened up before. they were always fighting because of those damned things. it would never be won. they would fight over those things again and again. they would come to the same ending again and again. and oh, it would never end. just… never… end…

i went out of my room. they stopped and returned to their respective places. him to the front yard. her to the kitchen. and we all did our own things in silence.

maybe i’ll get used to it… there’s no way not getting used to it. i’ve heard them all my life. and i’ll just get used to it.


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