[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..ang apat na itlog~

..four would-be suitors in three nights. all rejected. you should’ve been proud. or would you be proud?!


December 25, 9pm (at home):

“Sorry, but i have a boyfriend.”

“Hindi ba pwedeng gumawa ng paraan?”

“Look, this whole scenario is a thing of the past. Aren’t you afraid of being rejected again?”

“You won’t reject me.”

“Because you look great? In fact, i would reject you, like right now.”


“Just be sorry for yourself. And hey, send my regards to Angelo and Angel.”

Same date, 11 pm (phone call):

“Pero may boyfriend na ako weh.”

“Oh. Can we just have a date?”


“Friendly date?”

“That date wouldn’t be friendly anymore.”

“Oh. Yeah. See you around campus nalang.”

“Yeah. See yah.”

December 27, 8pm (text msgs):

“Time is the most important factor in a relationship.”

“I know where this is heading.”

“Alam mo naman pala eh.”

“No, i mean, this conversation.”

“Ah… So, what now?”

“Answer’s No.”

“I’ll try again later.”

“Damn you~!”

December 28, 11pm (text msgs):

“Gusto sana kitang ligawan kaya lang may bf ka na eh.”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“Kabisote kasi ako sumulpot eh.”

“Oo nga eh. kabisoteng kabute.”


if you just knew what has been goin’ on in my life, you should’ve been proud of me. but you don’t care. you don’t even know i’m always there, waiting for your message. everytime we talk, it’s always the same topic. can we just talk the real talk?!

konting pagpapahalaga naman wohh~


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