[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..just as random as this..

[late post: should’ve been posted on Jan. 7, 2009]

..first two days of school this year was really hateful. i never really meant to talk, or rather write like this, but the whole thing’s getting on my nerves already. the alarm would go off so early i could throw my cellphone to the farthest possible corner of my room. mornings were so cold you could just freeze to death while taking the shower. never mind the food at the dorm. argh! i just feel so pathetic.

..i might have sounded to whiny about school stuff. i’m sorry.

..it’s just that. i dunno. maybe i’m having a post-vacation blah blah. 😛 good thing i have a psych class yesterday. it’s the only thing i’m always looking forward to, except seeing my crush. anyway, we had a really interesting discussion on… uhh? i forgot. haha! but i could remember the optical illusions something2x. i got so fascinated with them. i dunno. haha!

..while we were window shopping last night in The Annex, we saw this TV flashing optical illusions. what the hell! and my friend saw the coffee beans image there. the face in the pile of coffee beans, i thought. 😀 and my prof was so right that when someone mentioned coffee beans, we would readily think about the face on there. life-changing. haha!

..oh well, this is a really random post. and i couldn’t point out it’s significance in my life. perhaps, i just don’t wanna be so whiny about stuff and all. grr!


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