[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..in that passing moment..

“.. i never thought about it until you said i’ve never been in love.. all this time, i thought i was..”

..there’s this weird feeling inside me whenever i get idle. maybe it’s because idle time is the only time i could think of myself, like really think about life and stuff. you know? anyway, i’ve been idle and a thought just snapped and voila, i began texting my close friends.

“Hey, i got a problem. i think i don’t like him anymore.”

..so they were like, “What? Why? What happened?” and i just said, “nothing happened.” which sort of activated my naughty mind (okaii, i just don’t like to use the perv word).

..honestly, i dunno what’s been happening. i just felt, in that passing moment, that “there’s no spark anymore”, to quote my psych professor. perhaps i just don’t like being committed to a relationship. i missed being single.

..and so i chatted with Gg, a really really close friend who knows me more that anyone does. he said, “well, i’m not surprised. you’ve never been in love anyway.”

..which sort of surprised me. haha! i mean, i dunno, haven’t i been in love, for real? so, when i thought i was in love, what was i really feeling? again, i dunno.

..but it was just a fleeting moment. it kept me confused though.


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