[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..feeling long forgotten..

..yesterday was bloody. i had three exams (Geography, Natural Science, and Psychology) all in one day. i wanted to feel that it was just like high school, like i could handle reviewing up to four exams in one night and get perfect scores the next day. but i felt so heavy because i know this is already college and there’s a big difference between now and then.

..i always want to feel fresh and glowing, and not this i’m-so-haggard-today-and-everyday effect school has on me. when i was still a high school student, i was in school the whole day studying eight different subjects. now, i only have six subjects (three subjects in a day) and i always feel wasted after class. i always feel like my time is not enough to do whatever i have to do. college is so tiresome.

..i hate complaining about this over and over again. but i couldn’t help it. you know how this makes me feel somewhat better. i just want to feel good and relaxed, even for an hour. but weekend has been an extension of my schooldays. it was so unfair.

..i just want to feel that i-love-school feeling again.


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