[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..worst morning..

..the worst mornings are when you wake up from a nightmare AND with a headache.

..just like today. i opened my eyes, the nightmare still vivid in my memory as if it was so real, and i saw my room spinning so fast. neither the room nor i was moving. the problem were my eyes, my head, my whole body. i tried to get up and my head throbbed furiously on my smallest move. so i lied there, so stiff like the dead in a cold casket.

..i didn’t know what happened so wrong last night for me to feel that way. it was scary. surreal. as if it was not my body. as if i was looking from a distance. i wondered. was i going to die?

..my head is still throbbing until now. just a reminder of my worst morning.


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