[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..i’m feeling lucky today..


..6:00 am

..i woke up this morning with the growing feeling of hopelessness. the first thirty minutes or so of my waking hours challenged me to fight with the great magnetic force of my bed. i was already thinking about ditching my chem lecture class [again] and just lie down until i get tired of lying down, but my school-loving side won over. or was that my roommate’s voice?


..anyway, i hurriedly took a bath, which took up 20 minutes of my time, and hurriedly put on my clothes and some make-up.


..actually, my first class was supposed to start at 7:00am. and my ever-excited professor was never late because he was always on the mood to teach that ever-interesting chemistry thingy. blaaah~! it took us 10 minutes to walk from our dorm to our classroom. and that made us 20 minutes late.


..i sat on the chair. and this was where it all started. first, i said a few hellos and good mornings to my classmates. then i extended the pleasantries by asking for their homeworks [and for me to copy]. a classmate gave his paper to me. *lucky* ..then our lab head told me that there would be no DG

for today as mentioned when we were not yet there. *lucky!* ..i have to tell you, next to the long exams, DGs are the most dreadful things in my chem class. really. they are the reasons why i fear Fridays. they are the things that keep me devastated during weekends. and when i knew that there would be no DG today, i felt like in heaven.


..i was supposed to have a sociology class. but i ditched it [again] because i need to copy [again] for the post-lab thingy. it was about these data sheets that were to be filled with equations and stuff that are beyond my realm of understanding. i approached my roommate [we are in the same chem lec class and we both have chem laboratory classes] to copy from her and i found myself going with her and her friends to McDonald’s. it was where we did the post-lab. we also ate our breakfast there.


..was our chem lab class. and we were still at McDo, which was a jeep and a walk away from the chem building.


..we finally reached the building but we still needed to fill up the data sheets. and so we hurriedly copied from a source. hahaha~!


..i entered our classroom. and did i tell you that i was late? oh yeah, but luckily, the class hadn’t started yet. and so i passed the homework and the post-lab. whew~!


..the class ended early, luckily. haha~! usually, chem lab class ends at 1pm. anyway, i walked to the dorm, ate lunch with roommate, packed my clothes and brought them to the laundromat. and finally, finally, i went home to bulacan.



..i went to balagtas [again] to buy a headset for my computer. i saw my dorm mate there and chatted with her for a while. then i headed home.

..but wait..

..in the jeep, i met a guy [who was actually cute] and just played look-at-me-and-look-away for three-fourths of the journey. then, when we were the only ones in the jeep, he finally talked to me. haha~! yeah, so basically, he’s cute.

..like my saying goes, “Don’t talk to strangers, except when they’re cute.”

..you know?


..and i felt lucky to have ridden that jeep and saw him there. funny coincidence.


..technically, it’s not “today” anymore. just a yesterday. i hope my luck wouldn’t run out until now, or forever. hahaha~!


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