[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

life is…

“life is a constant striving for balance, requiring frequent trade-offs between morality and necessity, within a cyclic pattern of joy and sadness, forging a trail of bittersweet memories until one slips, inevitably, into the jaws of death.”

i got this from my Ψ book.

and i think, if someone asked me to define life, i’d answer this, verbatim. i still couldn’t think what life actually is. life is the state of being alive, i guess. but that’s not an answer. it seems so abstract, yet we all know what it is. we all know what life is, yet it seems so abstract. it works both ways.

nah, this post is just to satisfy myself. just to tell myself that i’m indeed thinking about life. ’cause right now, i think i don’t really care at all.


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