[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

..just about stuff..

..if anything could go wrong, it would.. [murphy’s law]

..especially if everything’s not right anyway..

..this morning, i woke up at the vibration of my cellphone. it was surprising because my phone has the habit of not vibrating anymore. maybe my assuming N99i just got tired of it. anyway, it was a text message. there’s nothing sweet or special about it, but it made a good start. at least my day started right.

..or was it right, really?

..last night was an ordinary night, except for the hate i felt for someone. it’s just that i don’t wanna fight with some dumbass who is so egoistic and proud. but the fight went on. still goes on. i don’t know if it was totally my fault. i know i was wrong, somehow. BUT to admit that i’m stupid or something was out of the question.

..i know i’m talking bullshit again.

..anyway, it’s the start of the UP fair. i’m so excited. perhaps it’s because of the volcorps thing. free pass, free food, free shirt. wow.

..i just wish i wouldn’t feel this emptiness inside..

..mixed emotions.


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