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UP fair 2009

..i wish i could make this post short. i wish.

..anyway, since i’m just a freshman, this was my first fair.  i really had a great time throughout the week because i had all the benefits of being a fair volcorps. free food, free shirt, free pass, and the best thing was the backstage pass. wooo! [all thanks to kuya Jay Bagcal and his advertisement on Multiply.]

..so i was there at the fair the whole week, running errands, selling shirts, and stalking the celebrities. [not really stalking] haha! we rode the caterpillar and the Ferris wheel, with a little hesitation because the fee was so expensive. but it was fun.

..Feb. 13, Loverage3. break the curse. i was with my friend the whole night. we also tried wall climbing. actually, my body is still aching until now because of it. there was a fascinating fireworks display after the Valentine’s Day countdown. nice! nice! then, there’s Bamboo who was so fantastic close-up. and after Bamboo, the crowd outside started banging at the barricades and the chaos began. i was so pissed off because the concert stopped short and it was just 1am. but then, it was still worth it because i saw Bamboo. haha! but then, just that, the curse wasn’t broken at all.

..feb. 14, Meant FAIR each Other. better than the previous night. perhaps the best night for me. the show was still on when i left the fair grounds at 4am. and weeee, i got pics of Yael and Chito. haha! [super super starstruck.]

..anyway, so much for bragging about the fair. i hope it would be the same next year. ta-dah!


One response

  1. doodlingnoodle

    at naiinggit padin ako sa pics mo with Yael and Chito…huhuhu

    –haha. ÜÜ

    yngat lague. Ü

    February 18, 2009 at 5:01 PM

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