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can you measure love?

i’m quite partial to my answer. love could be taken at different levels of understanding. let’s talk first about its philosophicaland religious sense.

love, according to the bible, is immeasurable. it cannot be quantified or counted. therefore, it cannot be measured.

philosophically, love is an abstract thought, that which cannot be sensed, only felt. so how measure it?

but, i’m so sure nobody could understand the real essense of love if we put it these ways. it would need profound wisdom to comprehend it. so we should see it on our level, worldly.

“i love him a bit, a little bit, sometimes, alot, more than words [can] describe, i love him so much so much so much.” — from Steven’s blog post.

YES, we can measure love. (same as what Steven said.) we can say how deep or how much or how big. as big as the universe? as much as the sands in the Sahara Desert? we could, right?

but the question is: SHOULD YOU MEASURE LOVE?

they say that i shouldn’t measure love. if i do, it’s not love at all. but, if it’s not love, then what is it?

“at some point in time, you would ask yourself how much you love a person. or how much you love two persons. [because you could love two persons at the same time, only at different degrees.] there would come a time that you’d feel complicated things. and the only way [to sort it] out is to ponder over HOW MUCH love you feel for someone.

it’s the only way to know if you should still hold on or simply let go.” –from my comment on Steven’s post.


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