[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

[Blog] Rainin’ Love


so i have another blog, which is also owned by my significant other, DJ Razor. we are posting everything related to love. please don’t mind if it gets too cheezy sometimes [or always]. we just say our thoughts and feelings.

with this blog, i get to know DJ Razor more. i get to know what he thinks about me and most importantly, about us. well, i hope he’d post  there more things about himself, too.

if you’ve read my older posts, you might notice that yours truly have some fears about love. An Email from Matt is a distorted true story of myself. i’m afraid of a lot of things. was afraid, rather.

now, i changed that weary perspective of mine. now i could let go of myself completely. now i’m not afraid to share my thoughts and feelings to someone, through our talks and well, our blog.

so yeah, i’m in love. happy and proud.

just visit Rainin’ Love and get to experience real affection, real faith, and real love. we’d be glad to share the rain with you.

[well, we love the sun too. but the rain is more appealing to us right now.]

so there, DJ Razor and I will wait for y’all there, all right?


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