[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

what does it mean to be free?

So what’s my concept of freedom?

Freedom for me is doing whatever I want. No constraints. No limitations. It’s like going beyond an invisible fence. Like stretching my abilities to get my desires.

Freedom for me is having no commitments. I’m not supposed to be imprisoned by hopes and promises. Nothing should be expected from me. Cause expectations create restrictions.

Freedom for me is going wherever I want to go. I should have the power to go to places I’ve never been. On my own accord. No one should lecture me on things I already know. I could take care of myself already. I could explore the world. I should not be confined in a box.

But now, I guess I should change my scheme of things.freedom

Cause freedom has limitations on its own. Freedom is saying what’s on my mind, yes. Doing things according to my will, yes. Going to places I wish to go, yes. Yet, freedom requires responsibilities. It needs right choices and right decisions.

Cause freedom means having a clear conscience. No regrets. No grudge. No burdens. Always the good intentions.

Cause freedom doesn’t mean just being free physically. It’s more of releasing my mind and soul. And heart.

And so freedom doesn’t really mean what it usually means.

Being free isn’t being lax or careless or uncontrolled. Being free doesn’t mean that I’m always on the go. Most of all, being free is not going away just to prove myself that I really am free.

Cause sometimes, being free means choosing not to go. But to stay.


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  1. ann

    dats ryt girl..

    April 14, 2009 at 3:54 PM

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