[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

five-minute escape.

now i’m starting to hate school again. though i’m supposed to have a lighter load than most of the students, i look more wasted than them. i dunno why. i guess it’s because i’m still bitter because i didn’t get my 5-unit major subject. huwaah.

and i miss home already. i know i’m going home tomorrow. but still, i wanna be there right now. as in this very moment. well, it’s so ironic that when i finally get there, it seems that i don’t belong. i feel like i should be somewhere else. weird…

so, tomorrows’ gonna be an overload. i have 5 subjects, including the PE [yes, i have a PE already!]. i was kinda regretting it because it makes me more haggard. well, what could i expect with a basketball class? o_O

anyway, i should be going through my loads of readings but i badly missed my blog. so instead of doing worthwhile stuff, i’m here typing nonsense things about me.

bear with me.

windang ako ngayon.



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