[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

then and now. :)

it’s everytime  i see their faces that i see the reality. i see their smiles. i see their lives without me.

life goes on. and even without an old friend, they can survive. they will survive better. we all grow up, broadening our horizons, and leaving other things behind. other persons behind.

i am leaving them behind. i see them drifting out of my sight. i never treated them as a loss. for me, it’s just natural. i don’t bear grudges over people who didn’t have time to listen to me, or hear my opinion. i don’t get mad at people who think they can do anything and everything without my help. i don’t get angry with them just because they feed me with endless complaints and petty problems. again, it’s just natural.

and now, they’ve become mere strangers to me. i have my own life to manage, and it doesn’t include them. at times, i am wondering why i don’t miss them anymore. i don’t miss their laughters and cheers and wacky stories. i don’t miss the times that we hang out together. but perhaps, it’s because they are just awkward thoughts in my big picture of my present life. just passing memories. 🙂

i dunno if it hurts to know i already lost them. i actually don’t feel anything right now. 🙂

i am fine. i am happy.

and without them, i can survive too.


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