[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

my mind is… uhh!

okaii. i’m trying. but with my strangled mind, i couldn’t think straight. at least i could think, though not straight.

i tried to explain. like gazillion times i tried to let you know that you’re not part of my life anymore. but there you are, insisting that i’m meddling with your business. oh come on! whatever you do, i don’t care anymore. i’m more than happy to be here where i couldn’t see your bloody face. where i couldn’t hear the gossips you’re so furious to spread in the whole damn neighborhood. where i could be at peace knowing that the people here are my friends, and not your fucking puppets.

i have no idea that i was supposed to be flirting with that skinny husband of yours. that’s what you’re telling the whole country. darn, where is he anyway? like i see him everyday and wink or wave at him when he passes by. like i seduce him to make love to me. that’s totally gross and utterly not my character. don’t you know that since i knew what happened to both of you, i promised myself not to touch a single strand of hair nor a piece of skin on your body? i wouldn’t  get closer to you than 1o meters, ever. i wouldn’t talk to you, except alien talk. and i wouldn’t ever make a connection with both of you.

so again, after a long time of being buried god-knows-where, you resurfaced again and attacked me like a zombie attacking its prey.  you didn’t really care how much damage you were doing, as long as you’re doing it. you are, after being buried and reborn, still a heartless insecure selfish bitch.

whew. this is the only way. this is my only fight. it’s bloodless. it’s democracy.
lol. see, my mind’s totally strangled.


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