[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

stranded all right..

mein every relationship, there always comes a time that you’d wonder where the hell this is going. or if you’re actually moving forward, in the first place. or if you’re just there, stranded.

right now, i know we’re not making progress. we’ve been so busy with our individual lives that we haven’t noticed that we’re already drifting out of each other’s sight. we seldom exchange messages or updates. the last i heard from you was your start of classes, and that too was so vaguely put. i was wondering if you’re all right, if school sucks as usual, or if you have new friends over there. maybe you’re also wondering exactly the same things about me. the thing is, we lost the time to chat. worse, maybe we lost the interest, too.

i’m not saying that this is utterly bad for us. yeah, maybe we still want to feel one another’s presence. maybe i’m longing for your care. perhaps, you do too. we may think that we’re not as important to each other as before. well, that is bad, i know. and sad. totally.

but we should realize that this will do us so much good, if we go the right way. being stranded like this means we have all the time to think and to breathe. for we have all the space we want. we don’t have to be beside each other all the time. it will just make the relationship monotonous and static. sometimes, we have to stop for a while so that we can know where the hell we really want to go.

and if we both decide to move forward, then the better.

relationships are not always easy. they’re not always full of sweet memories and cheezy lines. they’re not always bombarded with romantic ideas. there’s no one way here. you face different paths. you make different choices. and once you get stranded, the choices that will come on top of your head are the choices you need to answer right away. but these are also the choices that need a long time to be realized, a long series of fighting with your emotions, and a long silence to let you hear your own thoughts.

hold on or let go?


2 responses

  1. jaimee and tabee Ü

    love this post, pare. kahit na hindi ko masagot ever yung question sa end. Ü

    some qs: hehe.
    uh, are things ok between you and your dad n ba?
    kelan ka pupunta ng ilocos? haha. ingggit me. Ü

    some uh, somethings:
    love your other posts as well. haha. lalo na yung poems and yung may templates. Ü
    i was at the cheerdance compe knina..crazy crazy. Ü

    miss you much!

    September 13, 2009 at 11:34 PM

    • waah pare 🙂 super late reply to.
      okay na cguro kami ni tatay, pinayagan nya ako mag-ilocos eh 🙂
      nung friday kami umalis, then kadadating lang namin kaninang umaga.
      ayun, tas direcho uwi ako d2 sa bahay. kapagod.

      thanks sa pagbabasa ng posts ko.
      miss you roommate!!

      September 21, 2009 at 12:31 PM

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