[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

writing prompt #2

i tried stopping myself. yet, you know i can’t. i’m addicted. i feed on your innocence. i relish your purity. i want to devour you, shred you into pieces, destroy you while i strengthen myself.

you. you are my power.

a lot of times, you tried to block me. you put a shield around you to protect yourself. but you know it couldn’t go on forever. your walls would collapse, too. you would be vulnerable.

and this is the time i’ve been waiting.

now, you’re just a baby. harmless and helpless. i’m not really a pedophile but you captivated me with your charm and importance. a lot of sleepless nights passed by with me thinking what the hell was in you. why do these people cherish you so much? now i know.

let us celebrate your downfall. all those letters will be crushed. those numbers? they will be null. they will all be gone in a snap. and one thing would remain: error.

bye bye darling. in your death, i would live.

(from a point of view of a virus about to attack a document or file)


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