[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

our first day..

i was just so surprised to realize that i still haven’t had a blog post of how we met. well, here it is.

first day of school after the christmas break, that was a tuesday (January 5), i got real lazy to go and make the two-hour ride to campus. i was still in the province then, so i decided to visit my high school friend. i didn’t know that her cousin was there. he was topless when i first saw him (LOL) because he just came from the shower. i was like, “What the hell? Who the fuck was that?”

anyway, so dian and i were talking. he was smoking somewhere near us. i couldn’t stop looking at him because he was like the mataray type. it was because of his eyes.

so, somewhere between our conversations, the beer thingie came up. i couldn’t remember who went first, but we ended up drinking vodka. that was 11am. almost noon. i gave up at 2am, i think. i was so drunk.

i didn’t go home that night. i couldn’t because i still feel dizzy. so i slept at dian’s house, which meant extra time with jc. just a night long conversation.

i went home the evening of the next day. mind you, i was so reluctant to go. i was like, “OMG, i super like this guy. i don’t wanna go home.”

so that was how we met;) it seems like it was ages ago, but like it was just yesterday at the same time. anyway, we’re still together, thankfully. and that’s all that matters right now.


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