[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

admittance of weakness is a sign of being strong.

i saw him cry like a real man.

he tried stopping the tears, but that time the tears are stronger than him. maybe that’s just the effect of the few beers we drank. or maybe, he really couldn’t control the emotions he had been keeping for so long. not anymore.

that time, i felt like i was never enough to take away his pain. i wish i could comfort him and stop him from shaking. yet, i was just another human being — vulnerable, weak, capable of being hurt, has a mountain of suppressed emotions. i was just like him. i was just another human being who is afraid to let her guards down.

he’s not the type of person who makes it obvious that he’s been going through a lot. he has a lot of pride in him. he thinks crying is for the dorks and the losers. he’s an alpha male, and he doesn’t cry. oh well…

everyone has that moment when he couldn’t bear it any longer. the pain, the heartache, the grudge, the angst. these are things that cannot be resolved through physical means. no matter how macho a guy is, there’s no way he could battle with these inner conflicts by force. these need a soft side.

and he’s a brave guy to let me see his other side. his soft side.

that night, i felt he needed me more than ever.

and my love was pouring out for him.


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