[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

You – Me

i am just this teenager
desperately clinging to every short-lived relationship
wanting to find true love
wishing that a fairy tale would come my way
soon, before i get broken again

i haven’t known
there’s more to life than temporary romance
i should have known
there’s more to love than you

you are just this teenager
trying everything at once
never wanting to miss a chance
going from one fling to another
without thinking of breaking someone’s heart

you should have told me
you’re not staying any longer
i should have prepared myself
you should have told me
that you’re not looking for true love
i should have not given myself away

we are teenagers
trapped in this cruel world
without any escape
we are boys and girls
locked in a tight embrace
we suffocate

now we couldn’t go back to where we began
we lost something precious that couldn’t be returned
all we could do is move forward
until we are teenagers no more


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