[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Ten reasons why most of my friends are boys :)

1. They don’t carry around as much drama, & if they do, it’s normally at a minimum. Plus, they tend to want to stay out & away from it anyway.

2. You can talk to them about almost anything & you can trust them with more personal things, & best believe they judge a LOT less harshly than girls tend to do about other girls.

3. They tend to listen a little better when you vent. Sometimes, they even give you a little better advice, because they see things from a guys point of view, not the point of view from “the bestfriend of the victim.”

4. They really do know the sweetest ways to cheer a girl up & make her smile, especially if they’re a bestfriend/brother type figure.

5. They won’t bother sharing your secrets with other girls, because they know it’s your personal business & they’d rather not get in the middle of it anyway.

6. They’ll be completely honest, & they’ll love & protect you like a little sister. & if some jerk ever decides to play you or break your heart, they won’t just tell you “He’s a dick, forget about him.” Best believe they’ll kick his freakin’ ass to back it up.

7. If you & some other girl are having an argument, even if you hate each other; he won’t take sides. He’ll still treat you both equally, despite what he’s heard.

8. They’re always down to just kick it, & they have the most interesting stories about relationships & embarrassing moments. Trust. (x Not to mention:
Boy’s point of view = great relationship advice.

9. They won’t over-analyze what you say & turn it into some ridiculously bitchy-sounding comment when that’s not what it was supposed to be to begin with.

10. They can take a freaking joke.


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