[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Not now, not yet

the world is falling down before my eyes
everything is crushing me apart
i already stopped hoping all this will be over
cause i know it won’t
not now, not yet

i feel helpless, trying to stand up
remnants of the past want to bury me alive
i still can’t figure out what to do
i’m suffocating, i want to flee
but something keeps ringing in my head
saying, not now, not yet

cause you are here on my side
helping me bear my burdens
you are saying we could make it through
even though there’s nothing left worth to fix

everything’s pitch black
everything i touch wounds me
everything wants to trap me in this cruel world
but as long as you’re there, i think i could carry on
i won’t give up, i won’t surrender
not now, not yet


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