[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]


(click here if you want to listen to the song draft)

don’t worry honey i’m just shaken
didn’t know how long it’s taken
when i’m supposed to be over you
i find myself in the morning
looking at your side of the bed
only to find an empty place

i tried to save my pride
and let you walk away
let you leave me behind
and close the door softly
ooh, and when it’s finally over
i let the sobs escape
from my inside, so hollow

i find this emptiness engulfing me
i cannot carry on, i don’t have any reason
each day i wake up half-expecting
that you would walk through the door
and tell me i wouldn’t be alone anymore

i’m not aware that i’m still waiting
cannot burn those photographs
and your face is still etched in my memory
i know i’m doing a lousy job
but you know i’m not really trying
i’m still hopin’ for something


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