[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Thanks to Angelo, for the wisdom :)

“…just be good, and it will all work out for you. accept things you can’t change. PRAY:) i’ve lost my way too. let’s both return to Him. okay? Faith doesn’t make you a lesser man. and always remember, there’s more to life than human love. seek for the love that doesn’t break or hurt you…”

reply ko yan sa post ni angelo. i didn’t know this until the very moment i said it, but i felt good.

seek for the love that doesn’t break or hurt you. where did i get that one?

maybe, it’s about time that i return to Him. sana makita rin ni angelo ang tamang daan. i’m praying for my boyfriend na rin, na hindi man s’ya magkaroon ng paniniwala, makita sana n’ya yung goodness at pureness inside of him. everyone has a good side, kahit gaano man s’ya kasama, katanga, o kabobo. and i know, God will see that in each one of us, kahit hindi lahat ay naniniwala sa kanya.

“are you happy?” angelo asked. i couldn’t answer that yet. the answer is in the end. it’s not yet the end. i’m still on my journey.

i hope this will be my renewal. i’m continuing on my journey, this time on the right path. i want to be a better person.


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